Day Two: Flexibility

The importance of flexibility is generally understated. Our muscles function at an optimal length to increase force production. Think of holding your arm in front of you and attempting to push over an object. Now rethink of the same scenario when you can use your full arm length to create force. Unless you’re Bruce Lee, you’re going to create more force in the latter example. The same with our muscles. It’s time to spread ourselves thin!

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Day Two: Biceps & Core

Your body is programmed to move; no component is as important as the core when considering movement. Partnered with powerful arms that are part of nearly all upper body movements, and you’ve got a team headed for top level fitness. As the acronym for team goes, together we achieve more!

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Day Five: Shoulders

Your experience is being audited. Have you built the foundation for this workout? If so, it’s time to capitalize on the hard work you’ve put in by collaborating with Signature Method’s Boldly Build workout program. Shoulders are in the forecast. It’s either build or budge.




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Day Four: Legs

Where we are headed is never illustrated better than during the struggle against the iron. This is when we are forged of unbreakable will. Not to lecture, but today you’re going to need that strength. Unleash the beast.


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Day One: Back Burner

They say the strength of a person is measured by their back. Today we’ve got a series of exercises built to measure your “strength”. Are you ready to feel the burn?

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Day Three: Chest & Tris

Setting goals is all talk. Sustaining the training that secures THAT GOAL is what we’re here to do. Whether you’re a green horn, or you’re the veteran orchestrating a comeback, it’s time to give ourselves the green light. Chest day might not be the king of steel, but anyone looking to be on top has mastered this art form.

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Day Two: Resistance Principles

The foundation of all possible movement comes from the skeletal muscle system. If we want to improve movement, increase strength, or feel stronger then we have to include resistance training in our regimen. Let’s build something great together!

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Day Three: Double Sets

Tag teams are back again. Together we achieve more, right? Well this T.E.A.M. of exercises want to make sure you achieve all that you can be. Load them up, and put them down.

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Day Four: Olympic Level

Today isn’t one-rep max day, but it’s going to take a lot of your effort to complete this workout. Form is everything, and when you’re in the Olympics form is the difference between Gold & Silver. So today, go wild, but be mindful of your body. After all, it’s the only one you’ve got!

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Day Five: Functional Training

Functional movement resembles life’s obstacles and pursuits. Our body was built to move, albeit move in certain ways. With the proper recruitment of the correct muscles, and a good foundation of motor control, we can accomplish plenty! Let’s figure out some new ways to move!

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Day Two: Circuit Training

Circuit training is a metabolic motivator, and will require motivation to complete. Even when you’ve got zero in the gas tank, you’re going to continue past your breaking point. At the end of the day, you can say “thank you”, and pat yourself on the back. First you’ve got to get to the end of the workout though.

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Day One: “Weight” training

Your body is your weapon. Use it to inflict pain, both on yourself and those who doubted you. What are limits but perceptions of the mind? That’s your motto today. Never give up, nor give in. It’s time to wield what your ancestors gave you.

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High Intensity Training

If you thought you knew your level of fitness before, think again. It’s overdrive week and you’re next on the menu. The motto – if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work. I’ve designed a workout program that is hate it or love it. Either way, I can assure you, you’re going to feel the burn.

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Boldly Built

Building muscle is important for increasing metabolic rate, stability, strength, and quality of life. From adolescents to elders, everyone needs to keep their body conditioned and strong. Muscle grows based on the demands put on them. That means we have to push your body to the next level. Let’s get started building the body you want!




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Black Market Muscle

The ultimate guide to building muscle. Whether it involves sports performance, competition preparation, or just building muscle for health or looking good, this is the program designed for you.

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