Day Two: Flexibility

The importance of flexibility is generally understated. Our muscles function at an optimal length to increase force production. Think of holding your arm in front of you and attempting to push over an object. Now rethink of the same scenario when you can use your full arm length to create force. Unless you’re Bruce Lee, you’re going to create more force in the latter example. The same with our muscles. It’s time to spread ourselves thin!

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All-Star Health

Measurement & evaluation is more than just running a few tests and scoring them against the average of a population. Measurement & evaluation is critical to establishing fitness levels, criteria to assess health, and moving forward with the program. What get’s measured get’s managed.



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Day Four: Mobility Training

As we move through space, dysfunctional movement can occur. Especially when we’ve built unhealthy movement patterns through excessive sitting or injuries. Let’s find out where we have deficiencies in our movement chain!

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Day One: Mobility Training

Today is going to test a little of everything. We will need strength, endurance, patience, and focus to make the most of today’s assessments. Be patient, present, and appreciative of what you learn today!

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Measurement & Assessment

When we want to evaluate our fitness level, body composition, or health risks we have to set up the appropriate assessments to measure them. In order to have the best data to evaluate, we have to have goal focused tests to measure results. This workout program is built to give us the best idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie and how we can move forward to a healthier you!



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Five Star Performance

Athletes need power, stamina, strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility. Everyone is an athlete. We all train at different levels and our skills aren’t all equal. This program is designed to take you to the level of skill it takes to perform. It’s time to crank up the energy!

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Six Figure Health & Wellness

Fitness enhances quality of life. Without our health we lose some of the essence of living. This package is filled with assessments and fitness principles to begin building a healthier lifestyle and rebalance the body to work the way it is designed to.

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