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Measurement & evaluation is more than just running a few tests and scoring them against the average of a population. Measurement & evaluation is critical to establishing fitness levels, criteria to assess health, and moving forward with the program. What get’s measured get’s managed.



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Day Five: Functional Training

Functional movement resembles life’s obstacles and pursuits. Our body was built to move, albeit move in certain ways. With the proper recruitment of the correct muscles, and a good foundation of motor control, we can accomplish plenty! Let’s figure out some new ways to move!

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Day Three: Cardiovascular Levels

An often ignored component of fitness and health is cardiovascular training. This is especially true for the resistance training individuals. It almost seems as though resistance training and cardiovascular training do not get along. Either we do one or the other. However, they’re highly complementary. Just take a deep breath and let’s begin.

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Day One: Multiform Circuit

This multi-form circuit is designed to keep your heart rate up. We begin with a warm-up, and you’ll perform each of the exercises three times through. Start with the first set and go onto the next exercise. The second time around follow the second set, and the third time around follow the third set. Enjoy!

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Measurement & Assessment

When we want to evaluate our fitness level, body composition, or health risks we have to set up the appropriate assessments to measure them. In order to have the best data to evaluate, we have to have goal focused tests to measure results. This workout program is built to give us the best idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie and how we can move forward to a healthier you!



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Day Five: Time Exam

Time is your enemy and best friend. You’re racing against time, and wishing it’d be over with sooner, perhaps. Can you last the full-time, and finish the workout in thirty minutes or will you need to cut yourself a few extra minutes? Only one way to find out.

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Day One: “Weight” training

Your body is your weapon. Use it to inflict pain, both on yourself and those who doubted you. What are limits but perceptions of the mind? That’s your motto today. Never give up, nor give in. It’s time to wield what your ancestors gave you.

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