Day One: Upper Body Split A

The movement patterns and goals of the upper body are different than the goals and movement patterns of the lower body. The upper body is given several planes of motion that allow it to move in many directions. For the idealist, stability and speed are the most important components of a healthy, developed upper body.

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Muscular Development

Our bodies are full of over-lapping segments with interlocking joints. This arrangement creates a system that allows the movement of one joint to affect the movement of another joint. When we develop our muscular system to work as a single motor unit, then we develop coordinated patterns best suited for movement.

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All-Star Health

Measurement & evaluation is more than just running a few tests and scoring them against the average of a population. Measurement & evaluation is critical to establishing fitness levels, criteria to assess health, and moving forward with the program. What get’s measured get’s managed.



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