Day Two: Biceps & Core

Your body is programmed to move; no component is as important as the core when considering movement. Partnered with powerful arms that are part of nearly all upper body movements, and you’ve got a team headed for top level fitness. As the acronym for team goes, together we achieve more!

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Day Five: Shoulders

Your experience is being audited. Have you built the foundation for this workout? If so, it’s time to capitalize on the hard work you’ve put in by collaborating with Signature Method’s Boldly Build workout program. Shoulders are in the forecast. It’s either build or budge.




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Day Four: Legs

Where we are headed is never illustrated better than during the struggle against the iron. This is when we are forged of unbreakable will. Not to lecture, but today you’re going to need that strength. Unleash the beast.


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Day One: Back Burner

They say the strength of a person is measured by their back. Today we’ve got a series of exercises built to measure your “strength”. Are you ready to feel the burn?

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Day Three: Chest & Tris

Setting goals is all talk. Sustaining the training that secures THAT GOAL is what we’re here to do. Whether you’re a green horn, or you’re the veteran orchestrating a comeback, it’s time to give ourselves the green light. Chest day might not be the king of steel, but anyone looking to be on top has mastered this art form.

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Day Two: Resistance Principles

The foundation of all possible movement comes from the skeletal muscle system. If we want to improve movement, increase strength, or feel stronger then we have to include resistance training in our regimen. Let’s build something great together!

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Day Three: Cardiovascular Levels

An often ignored component of fitness and health is cardiovascular training. This is especially true for the resistance training individuals. It almost seems as though resistance training and cardiovascular training do not get along. Either we do one or the other. However, they’re highly complementary. Just take a deep breath and let’s begin.

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Day Five: Time Exam

Time is your enemy and best friend. You’re racing against time, and wishing it’d be over with sooner, perhaps. Can you last the full-time, and finish the workout in thirty minutes or will you need to cut yourself a few extra minutes? Only one way to find out.

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Day Two: Circuit Training

Circuit training is a metabolic motivator, and will require motivation to complete. Even when you’ve got zero in the gas tank, you’re going to continue past your breaking point. At the end of the day, you can say “thank you”, and pat yourself on the back. First you’ve got to get to the end of the workout though.

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High Intensity Training

If you thought you knew your level of fitness before, think again. It’s overdrive week and you’re next on the menu. The motto – if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work. I’ve designed a workout program that is hate it or love it. Either way, I can assure you, you’re going to feel the burn.

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Incredible Aerobics

Aerobic exercise isn’t as simple as stepping on a treadmill and walking for thirty minutes. It also isn’t so limited! Whether you are training for a marathon, triathlon, or just want to push your cardio then this package has what you need!

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Six Figure Health & Wellness

Fitness enhances quality of life. Without our health we lose some of the essence of living. This package is filled with assessments and fitness principles to begin building a healthier lifestyle and rebalance the body to work the way it is designed to.

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Kris Black

Kris was born and raised in Alaska. He has been active in various athletic programs in Alaska which helped him find his passion for hard work and character development at an early age. Kris is currently the Director of Alaska’s High School Bodybuilding program. He has competed himself half-a-dozen times, winning overall titles for each competition entered. At the age of 18, he was ranked a ‘top five junior bodybuilder’ by “”

He is also a former division one athlete out of Las Vegas and was part of a national championship winning team. He returned to Alaska in 2011 and began to mentor and coach community members in health through exercise. He graduated summa cum laude with both a Baccalaureate of Science in Community Health and in Exercise Science, and also holds a Master of Public Health.

Kris has been tasked with designing creative solutions to promote an active lifestyle. He has served as the spokesperson on physical activity promotion with the Alaska Department of Health & Social Services. He has instructed for the University of Alaska. His in-depth knowledge of community engagement and non-communicable disease prevention has been his focus in research and lectures to undergraduate and graduate students of health science. Kris has worked in remote areas and rural communities in Alaska. He helps solve these complex issues, primarily a long the Aleutian Chain, in order to better the health of underserved communities.

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