The Sweetness Of Salt

An interesting story happened the other day, one I am sure many people can relate to.
You have been eating as healthy as you can, possibly on a diet, the scale is dropping, and then you treat yourself, or by circumstance, end up having a restaurant meal.
Naturally, you expect any food to be a little higher in sodium for both preservation purposes and for seasoning.

You expect the scale to be up tomorrow since the sodium will cause you to hold water weight. (more…)

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Weight Regain Critique

Weiss et al. (2007) – weight regain

The skills necessary to prevent the backslide of weight regain are elusive and hard to pinpoint. Patients treated by lifestyle modifications generally regain 30% to 35% of their lost weight in the year after treatment and will regain the majority, if not all of the weight lost, within five years. Weight regain has been associated with fast food consumption, higher television viewing, and lower levels of physical activity. The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence and predictors of weight regain in adults in the United States who had experienced substantial weight loss. (more…)

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