A Little Advice

There’s nothing like taking bad advice, and if you have before, you know what a weird sequence of events it can cause. Imagine spending two, three, or four weeks trying out some formula for success a so-called “guru” passed along to you. Bad advice is like running on any kind of faulty information, eventually it leads you into a completely alternate universe than you planned on going to. I’m here to tell you why you must stop listening to the forum posting shenanigans that the internet breeds and start asking for some qualifications. (more…)

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Keeping Your Eye On The Ball

I want you to take a moment and think back to the last time you felt that de-motivated, flat-lined feeling instead of energized, pumped up, and passionate about your day, and your workout.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to feel that way again?

It’s almost like trying to stop a car from rolling downhill. Once that negative, defeated momentum begins, it can be hard to stop. Sometimes it’s easier to just let it happen.

Today I want to talk about not only putting the breaks on this negative cycle, but also how to start moving forward. There’s a reason I have been to the gym for 10 years in a row, week after week, day after day, without missing out on the benefits of my program.


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