How Much Protein Is Enough?

It’s the age-old question: how much protein is enough? Answers vary depending on the body weight, muscle mass size, exercise volume, and other factors if someone was asked off the street, per say. Yet, we’re all left scratching our heads on what is right, and what is wrong? Are the supplement companies trying to have you use their products faster by suggesting excessive amounts of protein, like two heaping scoops of their whey protein, totaling to 50 grams? There are many questions to be answered around this subject. Health and exercise scientists from Scotland’s University of Stirling may have found the answer. (more…)

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Becoming Acclimated

Heat Acclimatization to Improve Athletic Performance in Warm-Hot Weather

            This week’s article covers homeostasis and the constancy of the internal environment. Several natural phenomena can override even the most stable dynamic system. One of those phenomena is heat, particularly warm-hot weather. Homeostatic mechanisms are built in as control systems, allowing negative and positive feedback signals to either reduce the intensity of an affect and completely eliminate it, or to enhance an affect. (more…)

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An hour of moderate exercise a day enough to counter health risks from prolonged sitting.

Research has long proven that one’s occupational activity level is closely related to health and mortality rates. For those whom sit at a desk all day, posture is only one aspect of physical health that suffers. The activity level required by an occupation has been researched for the negative or positive implications of increased or decreased activity requirements. (more…)

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Physical Activity in Disease Prevention Paper

Physical activity is a therapeutic, medicinal strategy to combat the leading causes of death world-wide. Currently the top two leading causes of death world-wide (ischemic heart disease & stroke) out total the next eight leading causes of death combined (World Health Organization, 2014). One of the primary causes of ischemic heart disease and the most common form of stroke is atherosclerosis. (more…)

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