High Genetic Risk Individuals Benefit Less From Resistance Training

Resistance training has been unparalleled as a mechanism to alter body composition configuration. Elevated post-exercise oxygen consumption has been linked to the longest elevated levels following intense resistance training. This form of exercise trumps high-intensity-interval training, endurance training, and other types of exercise stimuli in producing favorable body composition. (more…)

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The Sweetness Of Salt

An interesting story happened the other day, one I am sure many people can relate to.
You have been eating as healthy as you can, possibly on a diet, the scale is dropping, and then you treat yourself, or by circumstance, end up having a restaurant meal.
Naturally, you expect any food to be a little higher in sodium for both preservation purposes and for seasoning.

You expect the scale to be up tomorrow since the sodium will cause you to hold water weight. (more…)

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