It’s the age-old question: how much protein is enough? Answers vary depending on the body weight, muscle mass size, exercise volume, and other factors if someone was asked off the street, per say. Yet, we’re all left scratching our heads on what is right, and what is wrong? Are the supplement companies trying to have you use their products faster by suggesting excessive amounts of protein, like two heaping scoops of their whey protein, totaling to 50 grams? There are many questions to be answered around this subject. Health and exercise scientists from Scotland’s University of Stirling may have found the answer.

In their study, participants completed a whole-body resistance exercise workout, and found that a higher dose of protein following the workout induced better recovery. The previous recommendation amongst sports nutritionists was that optimal protein synthesis was achieved at 25 grams of protein following a workout. However, the researchers at Stirling University found that 40 grams of protein stimulated more muscle growth than 20 grams of protein. Another discovery was that despite body weight, both heavier and lighter participants recovered better from the higher dose of protein. The greater marker for how much protein is necessary is determined by the workout itself, and the demands it places on the participant.

Previous research has long suggested that the body doesn’t need the large amounts of protein that are suggested to many athletes. However, this finding throws into question whether that is true or not. More research will need to be conducted to determine the legitimacy of the claims above, but it appears that many sports nutritionists were incorrect all along.


University of Stirling. (2016, August 22). Scientists challenge recommendation that men with more muscle need more protein. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 10, 2016 from

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