Recently the brain and immune system have been tied into an intimate affair. The role of the immune system in relation to the brain gives way to explanations for autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. Perhaps just as important are the disease defined by the DSM-IV. The behavioral characteristics of those with impaired social capability is well noted and demonized amongst the cultures of the world. Anything from demons within to chemical imbalances have been theorized as an explanation for the out of norm behavior. Researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine have discovered a key component that might help solve neurological diseases with an immune system component. Only believed to be a myth, this hidden framework of immune system cells and the brain’s lymphatic vessels gives light to a new way to understand autoimmune diseases. Although the discovery gives great implications for future scientific advancement, the application is still in the process of being created. Further research will be necessary to understand the importance of this discovery.

This article is important because the diseases which have little to no treatment have been falling away lately. Once a prognosis for certain mortality, multiple sclerosis patients, Alzheimer’s patients, and those diagnosed with a form of autism have a more positive outlook on their position. Human anatomy and physiology has led the way for creating the sub-disciplines which lead to scientific advancements.

With this article, there is very little to contest. The article is not filled with an overwhelming amount of data or information. Instead, it is simply the statement of a hypothesis. “We believe because of our discovery, patients with autoimmune diseases have a better chance of surviving longer.” This is the general assumption underneath the framework which is both inspiring and unfounded. It gives hope yet it is only a presumption of what is to come. Unfortunately, more data and information doesn’t currently exist. All that can be hoped is that what they’re claiming behind the link of the brain and the immune system is true.


University of Virginia Health System. (2015, June 1). Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 20, 2016 from


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