How would you say you’re doing currently?

Are you honest with your results, and where you are in your life? Maybe you’re. No matter your current situation, you have to learn to start at zero and apply the right amount of pressure to reach a hundred. Human beings are always looking for the quick fix, the magic bullet that will catapult them into their ideal situation. We are impatient, for better lack of words. Nearly everyone is in a hurry to reach a level of mastery. I see this all the time when I have clients. I’ll give them a simple pattern that’s not too difficult for footwork drills. Once they feel confident they have learned the foot placement, almost immediately, they will go from maybe one or two miles per hour to ninety miles per hour. They think they’ve mastered the one or two miles per hour and speed up, and predictably, they screw up. Even when working with elite athletes who have been focusing on the same footwork drills for years, they will inevitably screw up when they change gears like this.

You have to learn how to take the incremental steps that bring you to where you want to be. If you take a look at your final destination, your ultimate goal, and decide where you’d be satisfied in 48 hours, then you break that goal down into manageable steps. Every skill, and every goal, has components to it that make up the whole. Human beings must have fast success. We self-sabotage ourselves by putting too much on our plates at once, burning out, and teaching ourselves that we are not able to do it subconsciously. That’s why you must start building momentum by starting with certainty. Choose a step that you’re certain you can handle. A lot of people start their New Years Resolutions without giving any strategic thought to how they’ll go about it. Eventually they will burn out because they either are seeing too slow of progress or they become discouraged by the amount of time it takes. If you shift your focus from the big picture to the small picture, you will not lose focus and direction, you will start gaining traction and momentum. When a performer juggles, they do not start with five pins. They start with two and work their way up to their final count. It would be overwhelming to jump right into five pins, and the performer would inevitably drop a pin a long the way. By teaching yourself that you’re capable of handling the previous step, you can focus on the next step. When it comes to any change in life, it’s important to make sure the change sticks. That’s why it’s necessary you start small and with one step. Undershoot your mark even, because it’s important you reinforce the self-image of someone capable of accomplishing your goal. Take the next step for you. Be honest with where you are. If you’ve been eating poorly, and not exercising, then the next step isn’t buying a gym membership and going to the gym five days a week while dieting. Make gradual changes. The next step might be being more health conscious about your choices. Perhaps it is looking at the gyms around town, and trying some free one-day trials. This seems logical, but it is especially true when we want to escape our current situation and get away from the pain of where we are in our lives. Just remember, that urgency, that emotional need to jump out of the frying pan of your own life, will be one of the largest inhibitors of your success. Take baby steps and you will make lasting changes that stick.

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