Dr. Rice, MPH PhD – Goal Setting & Programming

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    Dr. Kelly Rice, PhD – overview

    • PH.D. in Health Promotion: Oregon State University
    • MS in Health and Exercise Science: University of Oklahoma
    • BS in Health and Human Performance: University of Montana

    Dr. Rice’s professional experience began at the Missoula City-County Health Department, working in tobacco control and active living. Her research involves examining the link between physical activity and obesity in young children; the association between physical activity and nutrition-related policies and practices on health behaviors in preschool children in family child-care homes.  Dr. Rice has and is currently working on the use of community based participatory research strategies to support physical activity in diverse communities as well as using the outdoor natural environment for physical activity promotion and obesity treatment in adolescents.   Her experience as an obesity prevention practitioner combined with her research experience and teaching, provides her with a unique perspective on promotion of activity by children.

    Listen below:


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    Amazing listening to Dr. Rice I do agree with her in how she pointed out that when a person do set a goal of weight lost but so focus on the outcome with out really making progress with backing it up with their behavior on the actions they take to reach their weight lost goal. A lot of people lose their behavior because they always expect an overnight success without realizing how much work they have to do to get to that goal. I think it’s just like life if you want something to change you have to change your behavior, Ex. If you want a good paying you will change your behavior in working extra hard to get that high paying job just like changing your behavior in doing the things that needs to be done or do to reach that weight lost goal or an overall healthy life.

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