Dr. Hoffman – The Neuroscience of Health

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    Dr. Hoffman, PhD, is a professor of Morgan State and John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Her laboratory investigates the regulation of reproductive cycles, lactation, and parturition, water balance and food intake, and processing of stressful stimuli. Studies address how brain circuits controlling food intake and metabolism change after of chronic sleep disruption and how sleep problems disrupt memory and learning. Additional projects focus on the Fragile X gene: premutations (carried by about 1 in 200 women) that produces motor problems in men and reproductive problems in women, and full mutations that lead to autism. A separate direction is how ovarian hormones affect the injured brain. My laboratory studies seizures and head trauma, and mutations in a gene that affects mitochondria which leads to Parkinson’s disease.


    All studies have a common feature: functional anatomy to understand normal and pathological processes. I have devised widely-used techniques for localizing specific proteins, mRNA, and other molecules in brain. I also run workshops for the International Brain Research Organization, Histochemical Society, and Society for Neuroscience.

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