Brain games

There’s no doubt that the brain is highly involved in our learning process, motor skills, perception, attitudes, and overall results when discussing physical activity and exercise. The electrical activity that the brain conducts is run along the myelin connections of our neocortex. These myelin connections, which are formed by a chemical called myelin, shape largely the way we view and interact with the world. In fact, they are the catalyst behind the theory of cognitive behavioral therapy. The thoughts and actions that we stimulate become reinforced, and the more reinforcement they are given, the deeper the grooves and the more potential energy they are given. (more…)

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Addressing the fad diet

Could it be that we are all different? Well, I hate to break it to everyone but we are. We are all unique, per say. It’s been understood for some time that blood sugar is associated with age and BMI. However, could it be possible that someone with the same age and BMI who ate the same food could have a different blood sugar response? That’s apparently what a study in Israel has claimed. If true, personalized nutrition will become the frontier of dietetics. (more…)

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