Time to Sweat!

Wearable devices that measure physiological processes, whether heart rate monitors, accelerometers, or a brand of newcomers which measure temperature and metabolites, are the newest addition to the fitness revolution that’s become quite formidable. (more…)

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Exploring the MChip

Claros Diagnostics designed a small plastic chip with a plastic tube and syringe called the Mchip. The technology allows for testing to occur in remote regions of the world for very little cost. Due to the low cost nature of the product, the Mchip will only cost a couple of dollars to perform tests. (more…)

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Wearable Technology

There’s no doubt that where we are today technologically stands worlds away from where we will be. The door of innovation has been unhinged from the handles and the loads of technology being developed are aiming at the fitness industry. The health world is being taken by storm and demands for bigger, and better is growing as well. With that growth comes all types of neat little gadgets that promise to improve performance and not let you waste your time scratching your head. As of currently, even the most advanced technology has a reasonable margin of error. However, we are only a few brilliant minds away from redefining measurement and evaluation of fitness.


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