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These articles focused on interventions aimed at adolescents. Both interventions measured predictors of physical activity fidelity. The study by Corder et al. focused on the desires of adolescents to increase physical activity. The study by Hall et al. measured process evaluation from the HEALTHY physical education intervention. Both studies paid attention to the barriers, fidelity to intervention, implementer’s participation, interventionist interviews, and class observations. (more…)

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Battling Bad Science

The public wants the truth. They will do what it takes to get it. However, public health and physical activity aren’t simple enough to learn what’s wrong or right in one or two days. Sometimes bad advice can live in the program of an individual for years until they realize it wasn’t as correct as they believed. It’s similar to the quote by Thomas Edison “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Yes, that’s a positive outlook but I don’t think anyone has time to try a fitness technique or concept 10,000 times. The frustrating part is that an individual can try a new weight loss technique, or resistance training program and not know if it works for two-three weeks or longer! That’s one reason why bad science is dangerous for physical activity and public health. The other reasons are that the truth is hard to get a hold of. The internet is quick and convenient, and humanity is lazy by nature. We want the quick fix; the magic bullet. Most people will settle for an answer for free from the guy on the internet with fake credentials and no resources than to ask or pay the professor or expert in a field. The ironic part is that the free answer on the internet is almost always worth less than it costs.


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Tiny Habits

Humans are creatures of habit, as famously quoted. In fact, we are conditioned to the lives we live. Need proof? When’s the last time you felt that surreal feeling of novelty? From brushing our teeth right as we wake up to finishing the night with a television series, we grow accustomed to our usual behavior. Since our brain recognizes the routine, it starts to run on auto-pilot. (more…)

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Breakfast In Bed

It goes without saying that grabbing a coffee on your way to work is not a breakfast. Do you understand the chain of events you set off when you skip breakfast? Skipping breakfast may affect the total number of kilocalories you consume the rest of the day.

People who eat a larger proportion of food earlier in the day had a significantly lower intake of total kilocalories at the end of the day. Mostly everyone eats a smaller meal for breakfast and more food at lunch and dinner.

Logically, it goes without questioning that we do in fact spend less time eating breakfast than other meals. Using satiety ratios, which determines the time between meals based on the size of the previous meal, decreased over the day from breakfast through late-evening snacks. A substantial breakfast proves to be more satiating than the evening meal. (more…)

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Overcoming Bad Habits

The Mental Bad Habits That Accompany Pain

Can you believe 45% of Americans experience pain on a regular basis? We as humans are creating habits, some good and some bad, on a regular basis. Eventually these become the routines we perform on a daily occurrence. The majority of habits have become unconscious, and the motives behind them are often forgotten. Many of us are running on old programming, and old scripts that we have long outgrown. (more…)

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Predictors of Weight Gain

I am sure some of you probably choke at the word weight gain like it could cause you to gain a lump on your side that easily.

It is time to understand weight gain, and how we can manage it effectively.

The 6 factors that predict weight gain are:

Eating high calorie foods
Consuming sugar-sweetened beverages
Too little (or much) sleep
Quantity of watching TV
Alcohol overconsumption


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A Little Advice

There’s nothing like taking bad advice, and if you have before, you know what a weird sequence of events it can cause. Imagine spending two, three, or four weeks trying out some formula for success a so-called “guru” passed along to you. Bad advice is like running on any kind of faulty information, eventually it leads you into a completely alternate universe than you planned on going to. I’m here to tell you why you must stop listening to the forum posting shenanigans that the internet breeds and start asking for some qualifications. (more…)

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After Burn Guide

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), is the number of calories expended (above resting values) after an exercise bout. EPOC represents the oxygen consumption the body uses to return to its pre- exercise state. The physiological mechanisms responsible for increased metabolism following exercise include oxygen replenishment; phosphagen (ATP-PC) resynthesis; lactate removal; and increased ventilation, blood circulation and body temperature. The body generally takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours to fully recover to a resting state.

Studies have found that the magnitude and duration of EPOC depend on the intensity and duration of exercise. Other influencing factors include training status and gender (more…)

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From One To One Hundred

How would you say you’re doing currently?

Are you honest with your results, and where you are in your life? Maybe you’re. No matter your current situation, you have to learn to start at zero and apply the right amount of pressure to reach a hundred. Human beings are always looking for the quick fix, the magic bullet that will catapult them into their ideal situation. We are impatient, for better lack of words. Nearly everyone is in a hurry to reach a level of mastery. (more…)

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Principles of Healthy Eating

Healthy eating involves the key principles of balance, variety, and moderation. Your diet must be balanced, varied, and moderate in order to be healthy. Two additional principles that are essential to healthy eating are the concepts of nutrient density and energy density.

Healthy Eating Involves Balance between Food Groups (more…)

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Keeping Your Eye On The Ball

I want you to take a moment and think back to the last time you felt that de-motivated, flat-lined feeling instead of energized, pumped up, and passionate about your day, and your workout.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to feel that way again?

It’s almost like trying to stop a car from rolling downhill. Once that negative, defeated momentum begins, it can be hard to stop. Sometimes it’s easier to just let it happen.

Today I want to talk about not only putting the breaks on this negative cycle, but also how to start moving forward. There’s a reason I have been to the gym for 10 years in a row, week after week, day after day, without missing out on the benefits of my program.


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