The Risks of MDMA


                 The substance abused within the varying cultures of the world reflect the individual promotions inherent within each of these populations. A new epidemic has emerged, especially amongst the millennial generation, where party drugs and feel good music have laid a platform for risky, indulgent behaviors. Molly, otherwise known as MDMA, is a pure form of ecstasy. The notion behind molly is that the lack of other potentially harmful cutter drugs which typically lace ecstasy to give an enhanced effect, whether speed, methamphetamine, or other dangerous stimulants, makes molly safe for use. (more…)

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Anabolic Steroid Prevalence & Dangers

The substance being considered will be performance enhancing drugs, particularly anabolic steroids. According to a 2006 survey funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 3 percent of 12th graders have abused anabolic steroids. Although this sounds like a minority of the population, 40 percent claimed that finding administrators of anabolic steroids was easy. Anabolic steroid use without proper medical supervision and a prescription can have harmful effects on the psyche and physiology of users (Nieschlag, E., & Vorona, E., 2015). (more…)

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A Lesson On Commitment

There are stages of awareness you will go through as you improve not only your fitness, but your understanding of how your body works. Oddly enough it happens in quantum leaps, not gradual stages. One day you’re going to find you’ve reached one of these stages and possibly more, and you’re not even sure how it happened. (more…)

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So Why Do We Eat?

Why do we EAT?

Obviously, you need food to survive, but beyond your basic instinct to eat are many other factors that affect your food choices. These factors include taste and enjoyment; culture and environment; social life and trends; weight concerns; body image, and health benefits; advertising; time, convenience, and cost; and habits and emotions. (more…)

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Belief in Exercise Improves Results

What do we have to gain from exercising? Is it pride? Victory? Self-worth? Health? We are all exercising for different reasons. Somewhere deep down is a need that is being fulfilled. Or maybe there isn’t, and your connection to your purpose isn’t clear. Is it worth finding the purpose?


Of course! (more…)

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Gaining Perspective

I want you to be aware of the trap that any self-help will present to you. Self-help traps are often something we get into, generally self-help is magnetizing to a certain type of personality, when we find out how much neat things we can begin to change and implement into our lives. You begin to see the potential in yourself for change, but you also see the short falls of where you are now. You might have a lot that you can work on right now. (more…)

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Making Habits Stick

There’s a human tendency to run away from pain, and chase pleasure. In psychology, this is represented as the hedonic treadmill. Think of a carrot at the end of a rope, dangling in front of you, just out of your reach. This tendency holds especially true when the circumstances of one’s life are not ideal. (more…)

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The Power of Change

Very often we are stuck in a rut. It’s this negative inertia that’s holding our actions back, habits in place, and our ability to move forward decelerates and we end up back where we started. In order to get moving we have to set a destination. What is the direction we are heading? We often represent this direction as goals.


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Versus Performance Brain Training Technology

Versus (Performance Brain Training) is technology that is on the forefront of neurofeedback. Using some of the same principles described above, researchers watch the brain’s electrical activity. Being able to identify when and where electrical activity is utilized allows researchers to make assumptions on where a subject needs to train their brain. (more…)

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