It goes without saying that grabbing a coffee on your way to work is not a breakfast. Do you understand the chain of events you set off when you skip breakfast? Skipping breakfast may affect the total number of kilocalories you consume the rest of the day.

People who eat a larger proportion of food earlier in the day had a significantly lower intake of total kilocalories at the end of the day. Mostly everyone eats a smaller meal for breakfast and more food at lunch and dinner.

Logically, it goes without questioning that we do in fact spend less time eating breakfast than other meals. Using satiety ratios, which determines the time between meals based on the size of the previous meal, decreased over the day from breakfast through late-evening snacks. A substantial breakfast proves to be more satiating than the evening meal.

Clearly, eating breakfast is a good strategy for weight control. Eating breakfast actually helps maintain weight loss, and studies have shown higher BMI’s (body mass indexes) and body weight in subjects who didn’t consistently eat breakfast compared with their breakfast-eating counterparts.

Stated above, eating late is less satisfying. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is common for eating more during evenings and weekends to lead to over consuming calories. This overconsumption will eventually lead to weight gain

Studies have shown that women who eat the bulk of their kilocalories in the morning had a slightly greater weight loss than when the bulk of the kilocalories were consumed later in the day.


Start your day with a nutrient-dense breakfast, and make it a habit. Many breakfast items can be eaten on the go. Fresh fruit, whole-grain toast, bagels, dry whole-grain cereals can all be taken with you on the commute.

Choose breakfast items that are more satisfying to improve your appetite control. These foods should include foods that are higher in fiber, protein, and water, and lower in fat and sugar.

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