Signature Methods is a forward-thinking health development company. We apply evidence-based approaches to solve complex socioecological issues. Signature Methods employs techniques in behavior analysis, workforce development and leadership, health program development and evaluation, and one-on-one consultation and training with executives and clientele.

We offer the comprehensive model of matching your aspirations with your outcomes. At Signature Methods, we give you the unique plan that is tailored to you. We have worked with leading economic development corporations, Alaska Native Corporations, and the University of Alaska to incorporate our unique model. We work with individuals as well to give them complete access to our resources.

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"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" - Zig Ziglar
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At age 68 I had no formal experience working with a trainer or with conditioning beyond cardiovascular workouts. I made the commitment to work with Kris simply because I knew that I should add resistance training for optimal health. Kris was very accepting of my lack of knowledge and developed a personalized program that helped me develop a comfort working with weights and a more comprehensive understanding of physical health and conditioning. He was respectful of physical limitations and utilized alternative approaches to achieve goals. I have consistently experienced his firm but sensitive support over the past 18 months and remain pleased with my level of physical conditioning.

Ron Feigin
Six Figure Health & Wellness
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