Signature Methods is the future’s cutting edge style of personal training. We offer resources from the allied health sciences, from sports psychology to sports nutrition to the holistic medicines. No more guessing games about who to trust, or what directions to follow.

Signature Methods has the controversial and often off-limits answers to your fitness goals. Our certified personal trainers are uplifting and a bargain, as they are some of the most sought after, thrilling trainers around. Don’t be underhanded by the money-grubbing no good personal training models you are sick and tired of. It’s time to stand up; it’s time for pay back.

At Signature Methods, your experience is our profit. Your growth in knowledge and the results you achieve stick with you for a lifetime. Our goal isn’t to make you lifetime clients. Our goal is to give you the gift of our education. Years of tried and true tactics that can jump your experience and knowledge from where it is now to years in the future of trial and error in only a few months.

Forget shifting through the Internet and forums for the answers only to find another wrong way to do it but never the right way. We’ve got your method. We’ve got your signature move.

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" - Zig Ziglar
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Kris was recommended to me as a personal trainer when I made a decision to better my health by getting into better shape. He created a program for me that I still use. With his encouragement and coaching I've gained overall body strength and dropped 33 pounds. 60 sessions with Kris instilled in me the tools to maintain a good work out regiment. I still work out 3-5 times a week with weights, cardio, and yoga. I am still down over 30 pounds after a year and a half. I would work with Kris again, he is worth every cent I spent.

Debbi Brookes
Six Figure Health & Wellness
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