There’s nothing like taking bad advice, and if you have before, you know what a weird sequence of events it can cause. Imagine spending two, three, or four weeks trying out some formula for success a so-called “guru” passed along to you. Bad advice is like running on any kind of faulty information, eventually it leads you into a completely alternate universe than you planned on going to. I’m here to tell you why you must stop listening to the forum posting shenanigans that the internet breeds and start asking for some qualifications.

Browse the scores of internet feedback and notice there is rarely a reference that is cited. As a personal trainer, I am liable for my clients. As a human being, in fact, I am responsible for having a positive effect on my fellow brothers and sisters. It’s important that as a professional, I stay up to date with scholarly works such as academic journals. A rule of thumb, if the reference leads to another website, then it cannot be trusted more than you can trust the last person of that game “telephone.” It’s all hear-say. The facts have been lost in translation. Look for published works where there are names cited, research given, and an accreditation.

Most advice is vague, and non-descriptive or specific. You’re unique. I hate to burst your bubble, and call you out, but you’re not like everyone else. You’re a complex organism that deserves to be treated as an individual. That’s why it’s so comical when humans stampede like lemmings and jump on the next fad when it comes to fitness. The ironic part is that the majority of these fads are built by the keyboard junkies I previously mentioned, and there’s another one being built right now. It almost reminds me of a game of keep away where one person promises the key to eternal youth and then hurls it to the other workout program right as you get there. You are unique, and you must demand to be treated that way. Otherwise, the small things that matter the most will be those feathers breaking the camel’s back.

Another problem with most advice is that it’s free! I hate to say it but you get what you pay for. Everyone has an opinion, and most are willing to offer it up at the slightest opportunity, for free. The kicker is that it’s worth less than it costs. I had to pay thousands for my education, but now you are learning from me. Remember the story about taking bad advice? Be careful. Ask for references, and make sure they’re a legitimate source.

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