Could it be that we are all different? Well, I hate to break it to everyone but we are. We are all unique, per say. It’s been understood for some time that blood sugar is associated with age and BMI. However, could it be possible that someone with the same age and BMI who ate the same food could have a different blood sugar response? That’s apparently what a study in Israel has claimed. If true, personalized nutrition will become the frontier of dietetics. No longer will recipe books, how-to books on losing weight, and cookie cutter diet plans be able to cover up that one size doesn’t fit all. Of course this discovery could be one of the key steps in fighting the obesity epidemic. Insulin is related to blood sugar and its effects have a positive correlation with increased body fat. Being able to control blood sugar is a critical step in reducing body fat and reducing the formation and effects of other diseases such as diabetes.
Essentially what has been discovered is that the infamous glycemic index (GI) is not a stable set of values. When one individual has an apple for example, the GI would report a value of 38. This is a low value and would signify that the apple has very little effect on the blood glucose levels of the individual. However, what research is finding is that the values vary from one person to another! Well, that can be very disheartening at times. For individuals who believed they were being compliant to a diet, but didn’t see results, could they not be at fault? The evidence seems to say so.

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