Red Bull High Performance brings a video to us called “Pushing the Limits of Endurance.” Likely at least one of the same researchers found working on the Versus program is also involved in this project. What Red Bull wanted to accomplish was to analyze the mismatch between biological reserve and mental fatigue. In other words, is it mind over matter? The range of scientists that were involved in the project is incredible. From neuroscientists to exercise physiologists, the amount of disciplines involved in this project is very ambitious. However, needless to say it had to be ambitious. The Red Bull team is on the verge of proving something that I believe we’ve all known. The term “weak minded”, “mental strength”, “mental toughness”, and other phrases that hint that it’s all in your head have been around for decades if not centuries. Being able to prove that would be ground breaking, and finding a way around that natural phenomenon would be scientifically earth shattering.

Check it out:

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